Mentors will assist the startups who are chosen for the program by offering their expertise, time and support. Mentors are hand-picked leaders and may include those with specializations in technology, finance, business strategy, venture capital, marketing or other thought leaders.

We look to the mentors to provide our startups with the opportunity to have open conversations on a range of topics to include company progress to date, staffing/recruiting, value proposition, refining the pitch presentation or whatever is needed.

Mentors select a startup to work with through the duration of the 4 month Incubator Program. Our mentors are expected to provide 3 hours of private discussions with the startup per month. Minimum time commitment is 12 hours.

Startups will most likely be matched with two or more mentors.


Please apply if you’d like to be a mentor for the next cohort which starts in January 2020. Thank you!


Contact us.