To be eligible for Element 46 participation:

  • Applicant(s) must submit the application by the specified deadline.

  • Applicant(s) must be at least 18 years of age by the start of the program.

  • The venture must be the original idea of the applicant(s).

  • The venture must be in start-up idea, minimum viable product, or pilot phase.

  • The venture must have less than $500,000 annual revenue.

  • The venture must be independent and autonomous. Ventures cannot be considered independent or autonomous if they were started under the direction of an existing organization.

  • The applicant or applicant's team must be the primary decision maker for the venture’s development and management.

  • Applicant(s) must be able to make a full-time commitment to the venture's development during the 4 months of the cohort program.

  • Applicant(s) who will be enrolled in a college or university during the time of the program must be available for the full-time commitment and some core business hours (9 am-5 pm).

  • Applicant(s) must have legal work status in the United States or be able to obtain a visa for the WIN program time period.

  • Partnerships (ventures co-founded and led by two individuals) may apply as long as both founders meet the above eligibility requirements.

  • Ventures may be for-profit, hybrid, or undecided. Ventures structured as ‘non-profit’ will only be considered if they have a product or service they are selling, and that have a business model at their core.

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