First Cohort Startups


Journeyman Bakery (click to see more) . . .

Journeyman is a bread-by-subscription bakery based in Peekskill, NY that specializes in naturally fermented (sourdough) loaves. In addition to home delivery, Journeyman bread is available at a number of retail locations, farm stores, and farmers markets. Led by baker Michael Sellers, Journeyman was voted “Best New Bread Baker” by Westchester Magazine in 2017.

Michael Sellers Owner|Baker Journeyman Bakery (914) 471-0296

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Kool Nerd Club (click to see more) . . .

Kool Nerd Club is a “workforce exposure company” that partners with employers to provide early career exposure to diverse students resulting in a prepared talent pipeline.

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Alexander Davidis - Davidis Film, Inc. aka DF Media (click to see more) . . .

DF Media is where the car enthusiast does not go under served by the media when it comes to quality. The huge car enthusiast market continues to gain followers at 50 million fans in the US alone. Our team of seasoned top car-shooters live in the car culture! We love film making, we love cars, so we continue to bring stories about people and their cars to life! There’s a demand for quality, car-centric programming, an increasing fan base with a passion for authentic, car-based media, and ever-increasing media spend to win large numbers of viewers / consumers.


Beyond Flowers & Food, Inc (click to see more) . . .

Beyond Flowers and Food is an online store where you can buy thoughtful gifts for life’s difficult times. Life can be really hard - whether it’s the death of a loved one, having a surgery, going through a divorce, or a child getting a devastating diagnosis - and people don’t know what to say or what to send in these times. We know this first-hand, having lost our mother to cancer in 2012.

Beyond Flowers and Food provides a new way to show someone you're thinking of them with loving and supportive gifts that are not the same old flower arrangement or tired fruit basket.

Our packages feature high-quality products, hand-selected and curated by us that all serve the goal of lifting up the person going through the hardship. We give each package our own personal touch, striking the right balance of support and love without being overly done.

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Silver Bills (click to see more) . . .

SilverBills was founded in 2014 by an attorney and CPA and is a trusted concierge household bill manager. SilverBills receives, scrutinizes and stores bills on behalf of clients and ensures that bills are paid on time and correctly. SilverBills provides services to families, attorneys, accountants, social workers, governmental agencies and other professionals throughout the United States. SilverBills has developed partnerships with significant organizations such as large home care franchises and assisted living companies. In addition, SilverBills is now the exclusive provider of bill management services for the New York City Department for the Aging’s clients who receive SilverBills’ services for free. Marci Lobel-Esrig, Founder and General Counsel of SilverBills, is a recognized national leader in the use of technology to prevent elder financial exploitation. In June 2019, Marci was a featured speaker in a congressional briefing on financial exploitation and was also a presenter at the World Elder Abuse Summit at the Securities and Exchange Commission.


UAS Vues, LLC (click to see more) . . .

Get a new perspective

UAS Vues, LLC. is a unmanned aerial systems (UAS) consulting and service provider in the New York metropolitan area based in Westchester County.

We are engineers. We are consultants. We are your advocate.

Integrating new, cutting edge technologies into your organization and business flow is challenging, and can be time and cost consuming. Leveraging an expert that has the experience, the knowledge, and the solutions can save short term and long term capital and operational costs.

UAS Vues, LLC. will walk you through the development of, training requirements for, design and deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles into your workflow.

Owned and operated by a New York State licensed and registered Professional Engineer, we are certified to operate UAS commercially by the FAA.

Contact us for information on all our offered services:

Professional Engineering for UAV Systems UAV Integration Strategy Development Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Development Risk Management & Assessment Identification Pilot Training Development and Management FAA Waiver Consulting UAV Equipment Design & Specification Cost Benefit Analysis Site Surveying Construction Site Data Collection and Aggregation Commercial Real Estate Facility Management Inspection Agricultural Site Assessment Post Incident Inspection – Insurance, Fire, Police


Chris Oates - Blue Yonder Brands, Inc (click to see more) . . .

What if the problems of food waste, water scarcity and the blah-ness of water could all be addressed at the same time with an innovative product?

This is what Blue Yonder Brands aims to do: create a source-conscious alternative to typical packaged water. We’ve pioneered a new water segment that we’ve colorfully named “freshly squeezed water” — it’s a brand-new way to hydrate that’s both healthy for the environment and refreshingly delicious.

We believe that every drop counts — from the way our product is sourced to what we put in our bodies.


UnderCare (click to see more) . . .

Susanne Leary Shoemaker is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Undercare, Inc. After observing some elderly women struggle to dress following a swim class, Susanne came up with the idea for adaptive undergarments that do not require one to bend, balance, or stand on one leg in order to get dressed. Instead of placing one’s feet and legs through a leg-opening, one simply wraps and fastens the undergarment with soft and flexible Velcro®. Once on, Undercare looks, feels, and functions like regular underwear. The unfolding portfolio of adaptive clothing includes bathing suits and athletic wear. Undercare’s patented, fashion inclusive products empower the differently-abled by providing body confidence, dignity, safety, and independence. Undercare is helpful to those who struggle with limited mobility whether it is temporary, permanent, or progressive. Undercare is helpful to caregivers as well.

Susanne holds a BA in English literature from Georgetown University and an MFA in Painting and Drawing from the New York Academy of Art in NYC. She is a graduate of the Tory Burch Foundation Early Stage Initiative of the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program. She is currently working on her Certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurship through Cornell University.


LEAP (click to see more) . . .

Leap intends to be the first of it’s kind, state-of-the-art indoor parkour and obstacle training course for kids 5+ in Westchester County. We will bring value to our community by providing an alternative to structured sports play and in turn give kids ages 5+ a spacious, exciting, challenging, safe, open play, clean facility to do what kids love to do: climb, reach, run, tumble…LEAP! Benefits include improved: strength, stamina, balance, focus, confidence, problem solving and spatial skills

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Jack Knife Sharpening (click to see more) . . .

At we handle both residential and commercial Sharpening of all cutlery, Serrated, gardening and other tools. Reservice many farmers markets in the Westchester and Fairfield area. We also have a commercial sharpening service.

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BioSand Bag Filter Company (click to see more) . . .

The BioSand Bag Filter Company is dedicated to helping solve the world’s water crisis with its unique, patented water treatment technology. Our filter addresses the needs of those communities where location, lack of infrastructure, electricity or fuel prevent sustained ability to access to clean water.

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Velotooler (click to see more) . . .

Velotooler is a B2B software company that is streamlining the $35+ billion bicycle industry. We connect bicycle manufacturers with local skilled service providers to deliver service at the consumer's home. This reduces returns, supports local businesses and gives the customer the variety and price of buying online, the expertise and service of a bike store, all at their home!

Our managed marketplace platform will allow us to expand to sales as well, allowing us to address more of this large and growing market.

We already have 10 enterprise clients, over 160 service providers in 32 states, and our revenue is up 12-fold YTD.

Personal Biography: Terence is the CEO of Velotooler and an experienced executive in VC-backed enterprise software companies. He is a two-time CTO, a P&L leader and has co-led product at healthcare software companies. Terence started his career with Sony Electronics and General Electric.