First Cohort Professional Service Providers

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UXL Inc (click to see more) . . .

Julie Fortier

"User Experience design and research.

UXL | User Experience Lab (, helps with software product design and strategy. We work with clients in finance, healthcare, insurance, or other complex and regulated industries. We are a team of 15 located in Midtown and Harrison. Get a feel for the type of work we do here:


  • Expert usability evaluations: We uncover ways to make software easier to learn and use.
  • User research: We learn what people need and use that knowledge to improve software products.
  • Conceptual design: We facilitate workshops with software product teams to strategize design solutions.
  • User interface design: We design ADA compliant, appealing interfaces for computers and mobile phones that reflect a company’s brand.
  • Process optimization: We help teams improve how they deliver designs to software developers."
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Benay (click to see more) . . .

Dawn Reshen-Doty

Back-office bookkeeping, business management and accounting. My firm handles all the back office functions that all companies need but hate to do. AP, AR, payroll, HR and financial reporting on steroids. We don’t just handle our client’s books but educate them on how to understand their financials and use them as a tool and roadmap to develop and grow their business. What entrepreneurs don’t know they don’t know, we show them.

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BNC Insurance (click to see more) . . .

Lou Camhe

Property and Casualty Insurance and business trial and tribulations

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Boies Schiller Flexner LLP (click to see more) . . .

William Marsillo

While our firm focuses on litigation and in advising clients concerning litigation, we have vast experience representing companies and individuals related to a variety of legal issues that confront businesses of all sizes. From our experience representing companies and individuals in litigation, we have learned lessons that can be applied to start-up companies and ways to structure their relationships and agreements to minimize their risk of having issues later on. For example, corporate governance, shareholder/founder rights, and best practices for officers and boards of directors with respect to fiduciary duties; strategies on how to maximize, enforce, and defend a company's intellectual property, including patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights; how to structure non-disclosure agreements; license agreements whether as licensor or licensee to ensure the proper rights are licensed; ecommerce issues, such as structuring terms and conditions and privacy statements in a way that minimizes liability but that fits the company and industry; competition/antitrust law; general contractual rights and obligations, including how to structure agreements to include clauses that best position the client should a dispute ever arise in the future; and product liability law.


Cushman & Wakefield (click to see more) . . .

Craig Ruoff

I am a commercial real estate broker and can be a great asset when startups are ready to grow out of their space in Element 46.

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Dorf & Nelson LLP (click to see more) . . .

Adriana Kierszenbaum

Corporate, Intellectual Property


Friedman Kaplan Seiler & Adelman (click to see more) . . .

Joel Frank

Corporate and securities law.

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Goma Law . . .

Tawfik Goma

The firm is focused almost exclusively on Technology Transactions and Intellectual Property. To support those main areas of practice, I also advise on Corporate Formations, Agreement drafting and general commercial counseling for startups and emerging companies. I've spent my entire career in the Tech and IP space, with particular focus on the patent side of IP having spent five years as at the USPTO as a patent examiner earlier in my career.

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Karl Dowden Law (click to see more) . . .

Karl Dowden

Commercial Leasing; Purchases of Real Estate; Drafting and Negotiating Operating Agreements/By-laws.

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Millennium Medical Solutions Corp (click to see more) . . .

Alex Miller

Employee Benefits, Health care, Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), HR, Compliance and payroll.

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MJ Weiser Law (click to see more) . . .

Michael Wieser

startup lawyer, advisory board, business development

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NYBDC (click to see more) . . .

Tamara Underwood

My areas of expertise are in cash flow analysis, business financial projections analysis, loan packaging, loan underwriting, personal and business credit. I regularly work one-on-one with business owners and give presentations on funding for small businesses. I have strong networks in the lending community which I can leverage to help businesses find possible funding avenues. I am also a certified instructor in the CORE FOUR business planning curriculum.

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Productivity Tools & Insights, LLC (click to see more) . . .

Carol Vincie

I describe myself as a bench coach on a ball team. I help the founders discuss the team members who are attracted to the business concept and evaluation if there is a position for them with data that eliminates the emotional struggle of turning down a close friend. I implement procedures that execute Jim Collin's statement - get the right people on the bus and put them in the right seat from his book Good To Great. I supply information on the work styles of each team member. One of my clients actually posted each of their charts on their office doors with this explanation - "it usually takes six months to know if someone want a 5 minute pitch or want all of the ts crossed and is dotted. In six months we sill be out of business. We need to know immediately."

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Silverstein & Saperstein(click to see more) . . .

Ivan Saperstein

I concentrate my law practice in the areas of copyright, trademark and licensing matters, entertainment, technology and media, as well as business entity choice, formation and operation (including financing) along with commercial real estate, dispute resolution (through traditional litigation or other methods), as well as asset protection and estate planning.

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Douglas Singer Law (click to see more) . . .

Douglas Singer

I am a lawyer and have been practicing for more than 40 years. My areas of practice include corporate law (working with business owners, including women and minority business owners), not-for-profit law (primarily in the areas of governance, social enterprise and contracts), social enterprise (working with for-profit and not-for-profit entities) and estate planning (including estate planning for business owners). I am viewed by many of my clients as an ongoing trusted advisor and, as a lawyer, I am frequently asked by clients for advice about general business matters and to serve as a meaningful sounding board.

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SVB (click to see more) . . .

Michael Moretti

Our focus is on the technology sector and in particular early stage, innovative companies.

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WBA Advisors (click to see more) . . .

Jeffrey Zink

Strategic planning, business development, sales and marketing, developing business plans and strategic partnerships.


Win At Business Coaching (click to see more) . . .

Kathy D'Agostino

"My corporate background as a director of new business development, working with businesses of all sizes - from mom and pops to large scale organizations, as well as my experience for the past 5 years as an entrepreneur and business owner affords me the unique perspective to both understand business owners' pain points and the business acumen to provide the support they will need - to grow and scale their businesses.

My sweet spot has been helping smaller businesses to understand the importance of identifying their core values for their business early on and to define their mission, why they do what they do, and their vision for how they will bring it to fruition. Helping organizations, while still small and agile, will benefit by adopting their core values, communicating them to their internal customers, their employees, and external stakeholders, including their customers, board members and potential investors. When a business owner or co-founder/partners can share who they are and what value they bring to their target market that sets them apart from their competitors, this helps them gain clarity and traction.

Having a set of core values that the entire team can believe in, align with and be bought into will create loyal employees and customers who will identify with ""why they do what they do and why it matters to others"".

This combination, of values/mission/vision defines a businesses' ""Unique Selling Proposition"" that will position them to have a ""brand"" that is authentic and generate sales from customers who care about their products/services and become long-term relationships. There is a real ROI attached to biz owners who position themselves as thought-leaders in their space. Research shows these businesses are more profitable and scale better.

I feel that helping the business leaders in this group to accomplish this work, they would benefit from using this process that I've created including best practices and research to implement these strategies in their own companies. I'd love to share my experiences with the group and help them succeed!"

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David The Fixer (click to see more) . . .

Dawid Wiacek

"Just as others have helped me along in my entrepreneurial journey, I'm happy to help startup owners with my skill set. I believe in good karma. I also believe in supporting local talent and local business. I am White Plains / Westchester-based and I occasionally work out of Koi Coworking space in White Plains. Other fun facts: I have attended Hustle Con (both in California and in NY), one of the leading events focused on startup business development."

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DDW Law (click to see more) . . .

Sara Kula

Small businesses have so much on their plates and lega/HR compliance is often overlooked at the early stages, which can set a new business up for failure. Long term growth and success requires legal compliance in areas such as wage and hour and harassment prevention. I believe compliance is critical and would love to help new businesses start off in the right direction.

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Madison Approach (click to see more) . . .

Allison Madison

I have been volunteering in the Westchester community for years, most notably on the WPWDB, helping local businesses be successful so local people can live and work and stay here in in Westchester. I was born and raised here, my mother started my company here in 1988, I want to see local small businesses be successful because they are the backbone of the economy. Without them, we as a community, as a country, cannot grow and develop jobs for our people.

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Nordlicht & Hand (click to see more) . . .

Brian Hand

I have over 30 years experience as a business lawyer representing start ups and young companies and would enjoy participating to provide assistance to a new entrepreneur and help develop the Westchester business community.

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Leason Ellis (click to see more) . . .

Yuval Marcus

We routinely work with startups to help them with their intellectual property legal needs and can add value so that companies establish best practices early on to protect their intellectual capital.


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Scarsdale Financial Group (click to see more) . . .

Carlos Ramirez

Accounting and Bookkeeping, Taxes, Business Planning and Administration.

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Ventor Sales Group(click to see more) . . .


"I am with Venator Sales Group and we are a sales consulting firm. We provide sales coaching and training and work with companies of all sizes, helping them create process and structure as it relates to their sales efforts. The ultimate goal is to improve revenue and create consistent sales results that lead to success."

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Summit Services (click to see more) . . .

James Joy

"Our firm primarily works with venture backed startups in NY and SF. We have offices in both locations also. Since we are in this space, this is a good fit."