The Program


Element 46 is designed to help you catalyze your growth.  We provide programming, mentoring and free workspace, to enable our startups to develop their businesses within a network of peers, while nurturing a shared set of values.

Entrepreneurs will be situated in one of a number of thriving co-working spaces in urban centers or potent communities within Westchester, embedded in an existing start-up community.

We look forward to bringing these key experiences to our first set of talented entrepreneurs in the summer of 2019.


You’ll have a dedicated desk at a co-working space that’s yours full time for the 4 month period. If you need space less than full time, let’s talk.


You will be assigned two or more dedicated mentors who are experts in business strategy and implementation, and committed to your success. Each mentors will be required to meet with you at least 3 hours per month during the 4-month period.


We will also conduct facilitated team-building sessions. This will be a large-group discussion to get to know each other, share struggles, give advice, offer support and collaboration between all our startups.


We offer a structured program on how to start and scale your business idea.  This will help with general business acumen and create a foundation of information you can apply to your businesses. Training will be tailored to where you are in your startup. Sessions will include topics like building a business plan, marketing, leadership development, access to capital, pitching to investors, etc.

You will be required to participate in one 2-hour skills building session and one facilitated cohort-building session one time per week.


You will have access to a curated list of professionals who will provide up to 3 hours of pro bono services per month in areas such as IP law, accounting and marketing, etc.